David loves to speak to groups large or small. Favorite topics include leadership and leadership development, problem solving, and lean thinking. 

David teaches leaders how to Love, Learn, and Let go so they can create a workplace that fully engages the creative and productive power of people.  He learned and led through 20 years in the Army and is still learning.  He has shared what he’s learned with thousands of students and clients.  His messages will inspire you and your teams to obliterate obstacles, accelerate innovation, and elevate performance leaving everyone motivated and engaged for the future.


David’s signature talks include:

  1. High-speed Problem-solving – Obliterating Obstacles
  2. The Idea Farm – Accelerating Innovation
  3. Integral Leadership – Elevating Performance
  4. Motivating Culture Change – The High-Confidence Culture
  5. Leading with confidence
  6. Confident and Creative – the workforce of tomorrow

Other topics include the psychology of work, suggestions systems, employee engagement, team building (with fun activities), satisfaction, and self-efficacy in adults. We’re happy to customize every presentation for your audience.  

Reasons to Book David:

  1. Trust – He builds a remarkable rapport with his audiences
  2. Credibility – He has a deep understanding of important topics relevant to today’s business and government leaders
  3. Energy – He holds nothing back, pouring heart and soul into every interaction
  4. Timely – David shares tools and techniques you can immediately put to effective use in any workplace
  5. Fun – Whether talking about work, travel, or outdoor sports, David brings guests into his life and fills them with love, the essential ingredient in fun!
  6. Easy – David understands the challenges of pulling off a great event and will do everything he can to help you ensure yours is spectacular.

Presentation length

Keynotes can be 15 minutes to 90 minutes long to suit your needs. We can also provide lean and leadership workshops and simulations, creative team-building activities, ice-breakers, and world cafe events.

David has made presentations to groups throughout the United States and in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, England, Australia, and Germany.

Veech in action speaking to a large audience

If you would like to book David to speak at your event, please click the link below or send an email providing the details to david.veech@leadersights.com. Make sure you include the date, location, theme of the event, expected number of participants, and your estimated budget for speaking.

Schedule A Consultation With David