Checking the C4 board Owens Corning put together after a set of workshops we led.

This isn’t your typical consulting…not even close.

Here, we practice Humble Consulting. It’s a practice based on the understanding that your people are the true experts in your work system and tapping into their wisdom at least a couple of days a month.

Rather than come in and complete an independent assessment then develop an action plan to hand over to you, we view our job differently.
Our job is to fully engage your team in understanding the true value in your work, identifying the problems preventing the organization from achieving its goals, and effectively solving those problems. We seek stable, long-term relationships instead of one-and-done engagements.

Imagine hiring a consultant who asks challenging questions rather than offering cookie-cutter answers; who consistently delivers performance results through your team members; and who provides for on-going development of those people.

Working with OjiIntertech on Standardized work and Training Within Industry.

Our model is to visit with you for two days each month. In these sessions, we meet first with your executive team where we will explore what your needs are and why they are important. Together we will define and scope problems and projects and hold teams to a rigorous standard of analysis and evaluation. Your executive team will begin to work as a true team; focused, committed, and motivated. The recurring visits allow us to help you hold yourselves accountable to the projects and goals to which you commit.

Visiting Linak US to check their Visual Management System.

Through the 2-days-per-month model, D. Veech & Company is capable of the following:

  • Facilitate the development of your operating philosophy
  • Design and implement visual management systems
  • Plan curricula for behavior based training programs and lean transformation programs
  • Improve process flow and backlog management
  • Design and implement employee suggestion systems
  • Stand up Learning Circles & Quality Circles
  • Design and implement effective standardized work systems



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