• Designing for Satisfaction

    Last time, I teed up a discussion about team member satisfaction, and focused on the relationship (or lack thereof) between satisfaction and productivity.  This time, I want to focus more on designing for satisfaction.  In other words, how can we create workplaces that generate higher levels of satisfaction? I’ve written about this before, so I […]

  • Team Member Satisfaction

    Although I’ve written about team member satisfaction here before, it is such an important topic to understand I wanted to amplify some of the basics.  Researchers have been studying satisfaction on the job for decades so there are clear findings regarding actions leaders can take to improve employee satisfaction.  But why? Satisfaction and Productivity When […]

  • A series of small successes

    Excitement Culture, part 4.  We’ve fought the fight to turn our compliant culture into an involvement culture.  We’ve strung together a series of small successes that now has everyone excited about your improvement efforts.  But now, with your kaizen team spread thin facilitating improvement activities throughout your workplace, things seem to have reached a plateau […]

  • Steps leading from Involvement to Excitement

    Moving from a culture of compliance to a culture of involvement is a very tough step for leaders. The steps leading from Involvement to Excitement are a little easier but still require some heavy lifting from leaders. What sorts of things get people excited? Answering that depends a lot on the individual, but generally, the […]

  • The Big Step from Compliance to Involvement

    In my culture evolution diagram, I show a staircase with steps from defiance to compliance, then compliance to involvement, then from involvement to excitement, and finally from excitement to engagement.  The big step from compliance to involvement is likely the most critical to creating a new culture. It is not that difficult to get people […]

  • Culture – Stepping up toward engagement

    I have had some interesting and fun discussions with people about culture – stepping up toward engagement in different workshops I’ve facilitated. One thing that has struck me is how many people will think about a small part of an organization, like one of the sections within a division, recall several people in that section […]

  • Sunflower Leadership

    I grew up growing gardens.  On one end of the garden or another, we always planted a row of sunflowers.  We usually planted them to protect the rest of the garden:  maybe to attract birds away from food crops; maybe to provide shade to some of the more sun-sensitive plants. If you’ve never seen a […]

  • Thinking

    Thinking Have you ever tried to change someone’s mind about something when they were really certain about what they were doing or what they believed?  You know it’s impossible.  But frequently we talk about culture change in an agency or organization.  Culture is the collective way of thinking and doing things in a group.  In […]

  • Managing and Leading

    Managing and Leading In my Leadersights workshop, we talk a little about the differences between leadership and management.  There are lots of different takes on this age-old debate.  Many of us have “Manager” in our job title, and generally that means we have people who report to us and for whom we assign work, assess […]

  • Fear and Change “Management”?

    “Managing” change is not overcoming resistance, but overcoming fear. Change brings ambiguity and we fear the things we don’t understand.  With that in mind, “Do it or else” will never lead to real change.  When people question a change, that isn’t resistance; it’s human to need to understand why.  Leaders who pay lip service to […]

  • Changing Leader Behaviors

    With some excellent help, I’ve built a leadership development workshop (called Leadersights after my book) to provide a quick jumpstart to reenergize any organization’s leader development efforts.  We’re running it for 1400 plus leaders in a government agency in Arizona and getting great results.  I’ll be posting some of what is included in the workshop […]

  • concretehead

    What To Do When Your Lean Guy Is A Concrete Head

    Concrete head is an affectionate term applied by some old Japanese lean sensei to people in US companies who, though responsible for driving continuous improvement, were themselves resistant to change anything for any number of reasons.  I’ve run into this a few times, where the “lean guy” for a company is oppositional on any idea […]